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One stage Coal Crushing procedure for Power Plant


Shenxiang ZSJ Crusher Pioneered One Stage Coal Crushing Scheme for Coal Power Plant.

CFB boiler is one of the boiler types used by medium and small-sized thermal power plants at home. However, the coal crushing equipment matching with CFB boiler has not got into shape truly and is still in the exploration stage. Therefore, to develop and select new-type coal crushing equipment and make systematic and reasonable design is the problem to be settled immediately and the key for solving bottleneck problem of coal conveying system at present.

Current situation of coal crushing system for CFB boiler in the same industry in China.

According to the investigation, the equipment and technology of coal crushing system for CFB boiler in the same industry are deployed in two forms mainly: the first one is coarse crusher, sieving equipment and fine crusher, and the other is coarse and fine crushers. The first deployment form is in general use and the other is rising in recent years. The fine crusher adopts reversible toothed plate structure mostly. Imported equipments are applied widely as most of the domestic equipment of this type runs abnormally and the gap between toothed plates is hard to be adjusted. After the flat hammer and toothed plate have worn to a certain extent, the toothed plate will fall down if the gap is too small when adjusting the gap again; if the gap is too large, the particle size of the coal will exceed standards. When the humidity of the coal is high, the coal crushing effect of toothed plate will lower down.

Shenxiang ZSJ Crusher creating a new era for coal crusher.

CFB boilers mainly adopt coal gangue, stone coal, petroleum coke, lignite and other low-calorific-value coals rich in flint and quartz. These coals have features of high moisture content, great ductility and strong abradability and have high requirements on crusher. At present, the technology of “three-sieving and two-crushing” is adopted generally at home and a much progressive technology is “one-sieving and two-crushing”, but cannot solve the contradiction thoroughly yet.

Picture of ZSJ Crusher on Site

Changsha Shenxiang Universal Machine Co., Ltd. focuses on the current situation, aims at key contradiction and has developed coal crusher with independent intellectual property dedicated for CFB boiler based on its research results on crushing theories as well as practical experience on crushing technology for power plant. The coal crusher settles coal crushing problem of CFB boiler fundamentally and brings in historic revolution to industry development.

1. Design concept and principle:
(1) In allusion to material characteristics and strict requirements of coal combustion curve, the crushing way combining squeezing, striking and shearing is adopted, which enhances crushing efficiency and ensures the reasonability of particle size distribution of powder materials;
(2) Internal sieving is adopted and the crushing ratio is higher than 40;
(3) A set of unique squeezing and pushing mechanism is designed in order to guarantee material flow free from the impact from moisture and viscidity;
(4) Sieving system is diversified and it's able to select multiple sieving equipments flexibly in accordance with material characteristics and reality on site.

2. Performance characteristics:
(1) Applicable to crushing the coal with water content lower than 15%;
(2) Large crushing ratio and simple “one-crushing + one-sieving” technology;
(3) Output of a single crusher is 100-1200t/h;
(4) Finished products with particle size of -1mm account for more than 60% and the proportion of finished products with particle size of -0.045mm is lower than 5%;
(5) Power consumption of the system is not higher than 5KWh/t; abrasion is lower than all equipments of the same type at home;
(6) System blockage is settled thoroughly.