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The Promotion Meeting Of Aggregates Industry


On April 21, 2018. Hosted by the Hunan Aggregates Association, the promotion meeting of Hunan Aggregates Industry was held in Xiangtan City Panlong Villa Grand Hotel. As a key service provider, Shenxiang Machine attended the meeting.

About 150 people attended the conference, the relevant functional departments leadership, aggregates association expert committee of Hunan Province, Guangdong Aggregates Association, Xiangtan Stone Industry Association, main aggregates industry enterprises such as Changsha Shenxiang Universal Machine Co.,Ltd etc.

This conference has made a practical interpretation of the construction of green mines in aggregates industry. Theme of "green, innovation and breakthrough, pragmatic, build green aggregate industrial system", It aims to promote the pilot construction of green mines in Hunan Province and establish a demonstration area for green mining development, create "low energy consumption, high output, low emissions, renewable and sustainable" meet the requirements of the construction of ecological civilization of mining development new pattern, leading the Hunan Province of aggregate mining development in harmony with the environmental protection of green development path.

Raw Materials Department, Deputy Director of the Hunan Economic And Information Commission.  Mei-rong Ding to the opening speech, he said, aggregate has been in building materials, is one of the biggest building materials of demand, and can affect the concrete industry, so the green transformation of aggregate has great significance.

The leaders of the functional departments, committees of experts and representatives of enterprises have made excellent speeches on the construction of green mines.

After the meeting, Deputy General Manager of Changsha Shenxiang Universal Machine Co.,Ltd, JiShangYi with the President of aggregates industry had a further communication in the construction of green hills and clear water in terms of how to prevent unqualified equipment for mine secondary pollution, how to improve the waste conversion aspects of communication.

As an old brand enterprise in Hunan Province, Shenxiang Machine will continue to actively respond to the call and make contributions to the mining transformation from equipment and technology.