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Pakistan Sulphur Removal project has been complete the Commissionnig and running Successfully


In August 2018, the limestone grinding system supplied by Shenxiang Machine was achieve commissioning for another Pakistan CFB power plant project. The project is located in Punjab, Pakistan, with capacity of 50MW (2×25MW) coal-fired CFB units. the project will build a injection desulfurization at the same time.

Our company Shenxiang Machine is servicing for the design of limestone handling system, the supplement of all equipment and related technical training services for the whole system. The system designed two independent limestone powder preparation systems, one use one standby.

At present, the limestone handling system supplied by Shenxiang Machine has satisfied all the requirements and been running already.
The limestone powder particle size requires Dmax = 1 mm and D50 = 0.45 mm. The system life is designed for more than 20 years under long-term safe operating conditions.

Celebrate Shenxiang Machine, add to one more performance in overseas CFB power industry.