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Veolia thermoelectric coal crushing project completes commissioning and running successfully


The Background Before transformation: 

Veolia thermoelectric (chengdu) co., LTD. Two 150t/h circulating fluidized bed boilers.When the plant is built, two circulatory integrative crushers are arranged in the coal conveying crushing system to prepare coal fuel for the furnace.After the operation of the power plant, due to the large and uncontrollable particle size after the operation of the crusher, the boiler is often unable to operate normally. Since the establishment of the plant, veolia thermal power has successively reformed the coal conveying crushing system for three times, but the effect of each transformation is not ideal, and there are too many problem:

1.The discharged material does not meet the requirements of the design of the boiler for the coal into the furnace, and the proportion of the granule size larger than 10mm and 5-10mm seriously exceeds the design value, which seriously affects the safe, economic and stable operation of the boiler.
2.Large feeding particle size result in the boiler burns with low efficiency.
3.High content moisture(full of water 6%-7%) will result in terrible blockage and need to increase maintenance workload.
4. Due to the large coal particle size, the furnace is forced to adopt a larger primary air operation, resulting in high power consumption and boiler heating surface wear.
5.Poor adaptability of coal, such as coal with more gangue, obvious reduction of crushing effect and other problems. 

The Solution Shenxiang Machine Providing : 

Due to the failure of the previous three transformations, veolia company paid special attention and prudence to this transformation project. In order to ensure the safe operation of the whole power plant, changsha shenxiang Universal Machine co., ltd. was finally selected to carry out the transformation of the coal crusher by investigating the site users, sampling, screening and other preliminary preparations.

After several technical communications and site surveying with Changsha Shenxiang Universal’s related technical personnel,they finally selected the changsha Shenxiang Universal Machine co.,LTD’s ZSJ100M  coal crusher to replace the original hammer coal crusher:
                                                                              The scene picture after transformation 

The Effect after transformation: 

In October 2018, the ZSJ100M coal crusher is started up and running. After using the ZSJ100M coal crusher produced by changsha shenxiang Universal machine co., ltd. to replace the original hammer coal crusher, the effect is as follows:

1.The product particle size meets the technical requirements of transformation: the passing rate of 8mm is 90%, and the particle size of >10mm ranges from 3% to 7%, completely meeting the requirements of boiler combustion.
2.The capacity meets the technical requirements:130-150t/h.
3.Perfectly solve the blockage situation of crusher when the water content is high in the process of coal crushing: since the operation in October, 2018 till now, there is no clogging situation of column crusher;
4.Strong adaptability of coal: for low-quality coal, such as gangue mixed with about 40%, its performance can still meet the requirements of technical agreement.

The ZSJ100M coal crusher produced by Changsha Shenxiang Universal Machine co., LTD is used to replace the hammer coal crusher, which can perfectly solve the problems such as the blockage and particle size and so on. At the same time, it also brings huge economic benefits to the users and ensures the stable operation of the whole power plant.