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Shenxiang Machine-Guangdong Guoyue Power Plant project


1.Introduction to Guangdong Guoyue Project

Guangdong Guoyue Comprehensive Utilization Power Plant plans to build a 4×350MW circulating fluidized bed coal gangue generator set. The construction scale of this project is 2×350MW domestic circulating fluidized bed supercritical condensing unit. Environmental protection facilities such as denitration, electric bag dust collector and wet electrostatic precipitator.

2.Introduction to sulphur removal system and coal type.

This project adopts Shaoguan Quren coal gangue and anthracite mixed with fire. If the single desulfurization scheme adopts a single external wet double tower desulfurization process, it will be difficult to achieve the emission of 35mg/m3, and finally the furnace desulfurization will be adopted. Desulfurization is carried out by a combined desulfurization method of the external combustion method.

3.The selection of limestone handling system

According to the requirements of Yuehua Power, 80% of the sulfur is removed from the furnace. The limestone has a particle size of 0.1 mm-1 mm and a calcium to sulfur ratio of 2.5. The remaining 20% of sulfur is removed from the furnace. The limestone has a particle size of 44 um and a calcium to sulfur ratio of 1.03. 

According to the actual situation, Shenxiang Machine provides a limestone powder preparation scheme for integrated desulfurization agent outside the furnace. The consumption of desulfurized limestone in the furnace is 33t/h, and the limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization limestone consumption after the furnace is measured by two furnaces. 6t/h, the annual utilization hours are calculated according to the annual utilization hours of boiler equipment 5500h.  

Through several inspections, the second sorting system of ZMJ1150 column mill produced by Changsha Shenxiang Universal Machine Co., Ltd. was selected. One system simultaneously produced desulfurized limestone powder in the furnace and desulfurized limestone powder outside the furnace to meet the production demand.

In October 2017, the installation and commissioning of the ZMJ1150 column mill secondary sorting system provided by Changsha Shenxiang General Machinery Co., Ltd. was completed:   
1.Simultaneous production of two limestone powder internal and external of the furnace: 10 kWh/ton;
2. Simultaneous production of two limestone powder internal and external of the furnace:
Internal:35-38t/h; external:5-8t/h
3. The system production site is clean and hygienic, the dust emission is extremely low, and the noise meets the contract requirements.
4. The system has been produced for more than two years without replacement of consumable parts.