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Power Industry

  • Limestone Handling System

    Shenxiang Machine Limestone handling system has been widely used in CFB Power plant sulphur removal, we share almost 80% CFB power industry market in China because of preponderant advantages, especially we are the supplier of the First 600MW CFB Power Plant in the world.

  • ZSJ Coal Crusher

    Shenxiang ZSJ Coal Crusher has been widely used in:coal gangue, lignite, petroleum coke or other relatively inferior coals. The wet coal and ultra-moisture coal can be exhausted out from sieving plate smoothly without blockage.

  • Limestone Integrated handling System

    The CFB boiler always applies a multi-desulfurization with both furnace injection desulfurization and simultaneous FGD. In this case, two kinds of specified powder are needful, Shenxiang Machine limestone integrated handling system has been widely used with CFB boiler power plant, which can achieve the application of “one system two finished product”.

  • Transformer fire protection solution

    When an internal fault occurs in the transformer, high temperature or arc is generated, the transformer oil or internal material can be decomposed into gas, resulting in an increase in pressure and temperature inside the transformer. This is highly likely …