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Limestone Handling System

Shenxiang Machine Limestone handling system has been widely used in CFB Power plant sulphur removal, we share almost 80% CFB power industry market in China because of preponderant advantages, especially we are the supplier of the First 600MW CFB Power Plant in the world.

Shenxiang Machine: Column Mill Limestone handling system for CFB power plant

Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technology is very popular for inferior coal as coal gangue, lignite coal, Changsha shenxiang Universal Machine Co., ltd- ZMJ Column Mills (limestone mills) have proven to be very effective for direct-injection of dry sorbent lime or limestone into the CFB or combustion process. 

One of the most important factors influencing injection desulphurization effect in CFB furnace is the particle size of limestone. The particle size distribution of limestone plays a decisive role in desulphurization reaction, and also a big difficulty in the world. If the limestone particle size is too fine, it cannot have a circle flow and be utilized fully until to escape with the flue-gas; if the particle size is too large, the superficial reactant CaSO4 will prevent further inside reaction. Therefore, the particle size of limestone must be controlled strictly during desulphurization in CFB boiler.

Generally, the maximum particle size of limestone shall be required less than 0.7mm or 1.0mm(dmax≤1mm); the average particle size is required 0.25-0.45mm(d50=0.25mm~0.45mm), and details shall be in compliance with the particle size distribution of boiler.

ZMJ Column Mill- limestone handling system

The limestone will be processed into three stages:

The first stage: Raw material limestone conveying stage

The huge amount of limestone is usually supplied through truck and delivered in the storage yard.

The underground hopper is usually lay out in the storage yard too. And through the hopper and bucket elevator, the limestone will be carried to a buffer silo or directly to mill, which is depending on the storage situation of the raw material.

The second stage: Grinding & Separating stage

The material is passing through the belt weigher and metal detector, delivered to the core equipment, which consists of the ZMJ column mill and PL classifier.

The material is feed in the ZMJ column mill, Being grinded and discharged, the material will be totally lift to the PL air classifier for separating, 

In the PL air classifier, the coarse particles are discharged out the bottom and returned to mill to regrind; on the other side, the qualified pwoder are carried by air out of the top of the classifier to the cyclonic collector for collection
Finally, the feed material is disengaged from the air stream and discharged out the bottom of the cyclonic separator into the finished product silo. 

The third stage: Secondary separation(if it’s needful)
(for requirement of both the WFGD and injection furnace desulfurization)

When both the WFGD and injection furnace desulfurization are needed, an SXZ high efficiency separator could be connect after the cyclonic separator, the SXZ high efficiency is specially for separating the finer powder(-325mesh) , which can achieve the application of  “one system two finished product”.

Advantages and parameters:

1.One system solution can resolve two specified limestone absorbent
2.Low cost- operation cost and maintenance cost are both decreased
3.Low capital- the initial investment will be reduced,
4.Lower power consumption- save 2/3 of power consumption,
5.Less maintenance charge- wear parts life is more than 15000 hours, only 1/3 compared to related typical crusher and mill,
6.Perfect finished product size- particle size distribution perfectly satisfy boiler requirement
7.Environment- negative pressure operation without dust emission


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