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ZSJ Coal Crusher

Shenxiang ZSJ Coal Crusher has been widely used in:coal gangue, lignite, petroleum coke or other relatively inferior coals. The wet coal and ultra-moisture coal can be exhausted out from sieving plate smoothly without blockage.


Generally, the power plant with CFB boiler uses coal gangue, lignite, petroleum coke or other relatively inferior coals. But traditional coal crushers could not exert their performances well when using aforementioned fuels, for instance, requirements on fuel particle size and output from CFB boiler.
Some materials have a large viscosity or some have an ultrahigh water content, which leads to the result that traditional equipment system cannot screen; output cannot be ensured; and particle size cannot conform to boiler curve requirements. Shenxiang Machine has made research and development for years in allusion to aforementioned situations and finally overcome above problems. The products researched and developed have a remarkable advantage over materials with high water contents.

Introduction to equipment working principle :

1. Adopts the concept of combining diversified crushing units and can realize high-efficiency crushing to coal in the manner of impacting, shearing and roll-in;
2. Use advanced forced pushing and squeezing blowdown mechanisms. On the one hand, such mechanism can force large materials to move during crushing and enable large-particle materials to be crushed constantly, and on the other hand, it can exhaust qualified small particles from crushing chamber via interspace;
3. Breaksthrough all concepts of traditional screening technique and machine and adopts squeezing blowdown or squeezing screening on wear-resisting screening plate within the crusher, therefore, even ropy slurry could be exhausted successfully;
4. Pneumatic gravity classifier is used to control and separate the small number of coarse and fine mixtures in the system so as to ensure all coal particle sizes to fall to ideal distribution interval required by boiler technique.


Technical parameters and advantages:

(1) Optimize raw coal crushing technology and solve raw coal crushing problems. Coal Crusher can crush 300mm coal into the particle size required by boiler at once;
(2) Wet coal, ultra-moist lignite and oil shale etc can be exhausted out from screening plate smoothly without blockage;
(3) Particle size of the coal can be customized as power plant's requirements: for instance, the discharging particle size of coal of Coal Crushing system is required to be not larger than 13mm, 8mm and 3mm etc.;
(4) Coal Crusher preparation system has a good deslagging effect and can separate and discharge tramp iron, pyrite and miscellaneous stones;
(5) The equipment features in high serviceability, long service life of wear parts, low system running noise, small vibration and no coal dust pollution under the condition of negative pressure;
(6) The system can save about 40% power consumption; as the technology is simple, equipments for coal conveying process reduce, thus, it only requires simple management, fewer operators and less maintenance;
(7) As equipment reduce distinctly and civil construction amount and floor area are small, investments in power plant reduce remarkably.



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