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Gravel Tailing Handling System

Our tailing handling system is independently designed by Shenxiang Machine and combines the strengths and essences of a variety of advanced or classic crushing equipment to create a product with superior performance and unique features.And the material could be:Limestone,granite and other gravels as material.


In the area with infrastructure construction industry in rapid development, a great number of stone chips will be produced owing to improper equipment utilization in ballast pit and sand machining production line. Pursuant to statistics, nearly 40% materials become stone chip wastes during the operation of ballast pit and sand machining production line and these stone chip wastes bring in great waste in material to developers. Another imperfection is that a large number of stone chips are piled up on production site and they are even given to other industries for free with transportation cost paid by the owner.

Four characteristics of tailing:

1. Bad particle shape

2. Unreasonable grain composition
3. High mud content
4. Unsteady water content

Aforementioned characteristics do not enable stone chips to be used in construction engineering directly and induce sales difficulty, thus, the comprehensive value of stone chip pile in crushing factory is low.

When Shenxiang Machine is researching and developing the technology of Manufactured Sand System, it also gives technological solution for tailing that enables further production of several products in different specifications with tailing, finishes the shape and particle size of the tailing and turn waste into treasure.

Tailing Handling Technology Flow Chart:


Shenxiang Machine Tailing Handling Process

Tailing after processing:

Technical parameters:


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