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Slag Grinding Application

Our slag grinding system adopt our ZMJ column mill as the grinding machine,and It has been widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mines, power plants, chemical industry, etc, and also used for super finely pre-grinding cement, raw cement, iron ore, manganese ore, slag, limestone, dolomite, feldspar, quartz, serpentine, barite, fluorite, coal gangue, limestone, gypsum, calcium carbide, etc., created a huge economic benefits for our customers.


Column mill is a new type of vertical mill independently developed by Changsha Shenxiang Universal Machinery Co., Ltd., which has complete independent intellectual property rights and obtained national invention patents. The column mill has a unique structure, excellent performance, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving. It is an ideal ultra-fine crushing (pre-grinding) equipment for iron ore, and has been widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mining, power plants, chemical and other industries, for ultra-fine (pre-grinding) cement, cement raw materials, iron ore, manganese ore, slag, limestone, dolomite, feldspar, quartz, snake Stone, barite, fluorite, coal gangue, lime, gypsum, calcium carbide, etc., have created huge economic benefits for users.



1. Good quality:most of the grinding materials of the column mill are powder (see Table 2 for details). After one pass, the maximum particle size is <3mm, the average particle size is <0.5mm, <0.08mm fine powder. The content reaches about 30%. If the grading equipment (rotor type pulverizer, waterfall type pulverizer or vibrating screen) is configured to form a closed circuit system, it is convenient to produce -1.5mm to 400 mesh non-metallic mineral powder.

2,.low power consumption, high efficiency of the column mill grinding; about 40% energy saving than the ball mill, about 20% more energy saving than Raymond mill.

3. environmental protection; column mill noise does not exceed 80db, column mill has no fan effect, basically no dust, such as proper exhaust at the bottom of the machine, the effect is better.

4. Easy operation ; routine maintenance only needs regular refueling, less failure rate, high operating rate. Wearing parts could be used for a long time.

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