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Slag Grinding Application

Our slag grinding system adopt our ZMJ column mill as the grinding machine,and It has been widely used in building materials, metallurgy, mines, power plants, chemical industry, etc, and also used for super finely pre-grinding cement, raw cement, iron ore, manganese ore, slag, limestone, dolomite, feldspar, quartz, serpentine, barite, fluorite, coal gangue, limestone, gypsum, calcium carbide, etc., created a huge economic benefits for our customers.

ZMJ Column Mill and ZHM Column Mill is patented products developed by Shenxiang Machine and has a mature market application. At present, two column mill technologies are applied mainly: one is pre-grinding technology. Materials are grinded to 5MM particle size with this technology and then sent to grinding equipments in the next stage for further grinding till finished products; the other one is final grinding technology. Column mill grinds materials into finished products directly with such technology.

Ⅰ. Pre-grinding technology:
Pre-grinding technology is used before ball mill to enhance its output in the manner of pre-crushing.

Pre-grinding technology of column mill can be further divided into three kinds:
Solution A: pre-grinding technology is used before ball mill and materials will directly enter the ball mill from column mill. Such technology can enhance 20%-30% of output of ball mill, but as materials grinded in column mill contain some coarse particles and the gradation of these coarse particles is inconvenient to be adjusted, the effect of enhancing ball mill output is slight. At present, this technology is less recommended.

Solution B: with this solution, materials are firstly grinded and sieved with column mill and then sent to ball mill generally. This technology features in simple equipment and remarkable effect and can boost 30%-50% ball mill output. Compared with Solution A, this solution adds a few equipment and investments, but the benefit is large; thus, our customers adopt this technology generally. This technology is mainly applied in raw cement and cement clinker pre-grinding, ultra-fine crushing of iron ore in concentrating mill, slag and steel slag fine crusher.

Solution C: Column Mill is equipped with Shenxiang PL Air Classifier. The particle size of materials entering ball mill is smaller than 1MM. This technology has got a good effect in slag pre-grinding.

Ⅱ. Final grinding technology:
Solution A: when the fineness of products grinded by column mill is 80-400 meshes, grinding by column mill and classification by powder separator are adopted generally. This solution mainly aims at grinded gypsum, limestone, witherite and other non-metal ores.

Solution B: when the fineness of products grinded by column mill is between 60 meshes and 5mm, grinding by column mill and classification by sieving are adopted generally. Generally, this technology is applicable to crushing those products with low fineness requirements. At present, this technology is applicable to lime, fluorite, ophiolite, limestone, dolomite, iron pyrite, coal and other materials.

Grinding equipment manufactured by Changsha Shenxiang Universal Machine Co., Ltd are available for fineness adjustment and can match with different powder separation equipment. According to different material finenesses, grinding particle size can be adjusted. As the grinding effect is good, they are widely applied and are applicable to various materials.

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