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Iron Ore Crushing Application

Our iron ore crushing system has been widely used in the magnetite, hematite, gold ore,lean iron ore, very fine lean iron ore, refractory ore area etc.The coarse-grained magnetite is not required to enter the ball mill after our crushing system and can directly obtain high quality iron concentrate.

Introduction to Iron Ore Crushing Application:

ZMJ Column Mill used in magnetite iron ore especially super fine crushing and coarse tail, may throw in addition to a large number of low-grade tailings, greatly improve the ore recovery and processing capacity, and improve the grade of iron concentrate.

The roller crushing principle of the vertical material layer with medium speed and continuous pulsation is adopted in the ZMJ column mill, several roller wheels have crushed and rubbed the iron ore dozens of times in the conical lining, and the useful minerals and gangue can be obtained from a large number of monomers even under coarse grain.This is conducive to the improvement of the subsequent magnetic separation and flotation, which will bring a revolutionary and great improvement to the mineral processing technology of our country, which can bring great economic benefits to iron ore enterprises.

Stages of Iron Ore Crushing:

Iron ore crushing process usually consists of three stages: crushing from raw iron ore to small particles, grinding iron ore particles to small powders and concentrating the available iron ore. Grinding equipment utilized in general is relatively little.

Iron ore concentrator is utilized to beneficiate a multitude of industrial iron ores. In this application the relatively large volumes of nonmagnetic are usually the commercial products. The amount of magnetic material removed is very small, and dry separation will be the general rule.

Performance and characteristics:

1. The coarse-grained tailing reach 40%-90%;
2. After ultra-fine grinding, the ball mill can reduce the grinding and increase the output by 40-60%;
3. Significantly improve the recovery rate of 5-50%;
4. Improve the grade of concentrate by 1-6%;
5. Saving over 40% of electricity consumption;
6. Significantly increase the final grinding size and ore dressing size, thus significantly increasing the output and recovery of grinding and dressing;
7. Dry and dry selection can be achieved in areas with no water or less water (for example, Inner Mongolia);
8. The coarse tailings can be dry piled or backfilled, or used for construction sand export, and reduce tailings dam capacity;
9. The investment of new plant can be reduced by more than 50%, and the production capacity of the old concentrator can be increased to 100-300%;
10. The profit tax of the factory can be increased by 50-300%.


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