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Pelletizing Bulk Grinding Application

Our pelletizing bulk grinding system can be widely used in thermal power, building materials, steel, chemical, metal mining, non - metal mining industry,and with the following advantages: energy saving,low steel consumption,simple structure,long wear parts life and low noise(less than 80 db).

Working principle:

Pelletizing bulk grinding application adopted the principle of ZMJ Column Mill, continuous and repeated rolling of material bed under medium speed and medium pressure, the material is fed from the machine upper structure and forms a material bed between the rollers and the lining by its own weight and the upper material pushing function, and is pulverized by repeated rolling of the rollers making regular revolution and rotation, finally is automatically discharged from the lower part of the mill.


The rollers only make regular revolution and rotation and the force exerting on the material bed mainly comes from the pressure produced from flexible devices, thus the energy consumption and abrasion caused by the shocking between the rollers and lining plate are avoided. Working principle from ZMJ column mill decides it save energy and reduce consumption much more than other grinding equipments.


1. Economized electricity consumption: economizing electricity by 50-60% than ball mill, and economizing electricity by 30-40% than vibrating mill and raymond mill.
2. Small abrasion : adopting a grinding principle of material bed rolling and high alloy abrasion-resistant matgrinding body (wear parts) has a long working life.
3. High productivity: Big processing capability and high working efficiency, applicable to medium and large-scale grinding and pulverizing in each sector of industry.
4. Wide applications: the gap between the rollers and the lining plate is adjustable, but never contact or collide, the temperature increase during grinding process is small(<70 degree), thus application not only in fine grinding technique, but also in ultra-fine pulverizing technique. It is highly adaptable for hard materials to grind.
5. Small dimension : simple installation, small occupation of land area, and economized investment in civil engineering.
6. Easy operation: simple and scientific structure, reliable performance, easy and convenient operation and maintenance, operation rate reaches more than 90%.

7. Environmentally friendly: noise less than 90dB, basically no flying dust and vibration.

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