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Gypsum Grinding System

At the present stage, more than 80% of gypsum production line with annual output of more than 60,000 tons are selected with Shenxiang Machine ZMJ column mill,and our gypsum grinding system with the advantages as follows: Large capacity, low energy consumption, low investment, simple structure, low noise(<80db).

1.Brief Introduction to ZMJ Column Mill 

(1)Working principle and structure

Being a vertical rolling mill with medium velocity and medium pressure, which is characterized by simple structure and lowest breakdown rate.
The motor is set outside, connecting to the gear box and drive the main vertical shaft to rollers, the rollers make regular revolution and rotation.
Raw material from upper inlet is dropped into the gap between rollers and liners, forming a material layer. Meanwhile the material is rolled with pressure rock-on-rock, rolling pressure instead of grinding.
The finished product is finally discharge from beneath outlet, which size can be adjusted via gap distance and discharge pipe height. But the rollers never contact with liners.

2. ZMJ Column Mill Characteristics(Compare with the traditional grinding equipment)

① Low power consumption and low production cost.
② The consumption of wearing parts is minimal, which can reduce the production cost and reduce the iron pollution of special requirements materials (iron pollution can be reduced to one hundred thousandth), and the service life is more than 5 years.
③ The particle size is adjustable between the gap of the rollers and liners.
④ Small size, simple and convenient installation, which can save civil construction investment.
⑤ Low noise, less dust and good environmental friendly.
⑥ Good mechanical performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance.

3.Process flow introduction.

Enclosed grinding system:It consists of a column mill, a high-efficiency classifier (or vibrating screen) and a hoist. Its product fineness can be adjusted and controlled at will.

4.Technical parameters of ZMJ Column Mill

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